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Digital Pulse Brings Cloud Datacenter to Customers.

Digital Pulse has the expertise to transform customers physical traditional datacenter into cloud datacenter. This virtual datacenter sits across the globe. Our technology provider is Softlayer, a leading provider of cloud solution. Currently we are running few virtual data center across the globe. Datacenters that are connected to each other through global high speed network span. We are are able to implement and jumpstart a complete end-to-end infrastructure datacenter for our customers by leveraging this cloud DC. The whole process happens within a very short timeframe. Which includes provision of network firewall, network switches, servers, storage, backup, mail services and many others services. Thus enable customers to provision their system in less than 3 days. Overall cost to implement a datacenter has also reduce greatly. There is no more expensive outright purchase (capex). All is subscription base, pay as you use.

Talk to us if you would like us to assist with your virtual and cloud datacenter requirement.


iAccount – Accounting for SME Companies

Companies looking for accounting system that is cloud hosted shall look no further. Digital Pulse provides SME companies with easy to use, practical and functional GST-comply accounting system. It runs on the cloud and can be run immediately starting from as low as RM 59 monthly. iAccount has extensive features including purchasing, invoicing, delivery note, payslip, employee, reporting and many others.iAccount is base on the popular Manager accounting tools. Digital Pulse provides the subscription approach , a hassle free way to setup web accounting system without excessive in-house IT facilities (server/storage/etc).

Contact us if you wish to subscribe iAccount for your company’s accounting needs.

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