Digital Pulse is Abstrium SAS Authorized partner

Digital Pulse is now Abstrium SAS authorized partner and reseller. Abstrium SAS is the developer of PYDIO – Enterprise Cloud Document Sharing and Sync Solution.


PYDIO – Put Your Data In Orbit is an enterprise class cloud document sharing and syncing solution that works on a private datacenter or hybrid mode. Pydio is a solution designed for the enterprise with developers and system administrators in mind.


One of the biggest challenges facing IT professionals today

IT Professionals are now expected to manage risks from consumer cloud storage and shadow IT solutions. In a best case scenario, your company’s vital data is scattered throughout the internet. In most cases, you cannot even verify in which country your data is being hosted. This can lead to significant legal and security vulnerabilities.


Take back control of your company’s vital data

IT professionals can manage their risk by providing a secured solution where the vital company files are managed through secured access to the company’s on-premise server or private cloud. By providing an easy to use solution, IT professionals can assure that their end-users will comply with the new policies and make roll out a breeze.


Pydio does it better

Your Files, Your Rules

Simply put, you decide how you want to roll out your file solution. You can use your existing legacy file infrastructure, or you can set up Pydio on fresh infrastructure dedicated to the project. Either way, it is you who decides.

Web, Desktop & Mobile Apps

Allow your users focus on your business. Let Pydio handle file sharing & sync.
Access files from any device – Share with internal or external partners – Sync locally

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